WB Gem base on thailand world gem and jewelry trade center  JTC building 33 floor, Specially we are factory for gem special precision cut , quality selection and most kind of gems supplying.

We have factory for gem cutting : Precision cut, Europe cut, Standard cut . as Precision type cutting only special proffesional cutter can make, also need design ideal experience according different stone at shape, size , color such factors. then so rare precision stones come to market. 

We have gemstone select experience 15 years since 2008, quickly to know most gems color clarity and value, However nobody can claim their gems are top or best as person's experience and gemstone's quality always different, but we guarantee the value matching this quality , no cheating worry things from us. 

Mostly kind gemstone we are supplying, we love every kind gemstones and always travelling to the world's source area,  to explore that gems knowledge quality.

For B2B wholesale suppy, we can work some client that have some regular purchase, sometimes they don't have ideal what they can get specially from bangkok or us, after trying our some hot selling stones, got profit or orders, then continue with us to find that stones, if you have such ideal about B2B, can contact us for detail. we also listing some new lot stones on web. 

For Designer , We recut gemstone to creat value and Space in this area, If you like our ideal and different beauty's stones, u can work with us long time. 

For retail clients, we will honest to tell you about quality and correct value, from  true source of gemstone supplier, u can custmize ur jewelry,  it best way to make ur jewelry without spent wrong money. 


We hope we can be valued at your one station for gemstone and jewelry, that is WB GEM destination.  thank you very much. 


Looing for Online partners work together at different web, live sale , countries.