How much is Myanmar ruby worth?

How much is Myanmar ruby worth?

Myanmar is a very famous ruby producing area with a history of thousands of years and is highly favored by consumers. Many people first think of buying rubies from Myanmar, and the price of Myanmar rubies is also much higher than other producing areas. How much is Myanmar rubies worth?

The factors that affect the value of rubies include quality, place of origin, whether optimized treatment is available, market supply and demand conditions, and Myanmar rubies are no exception. Myanmar is a high-quality producer of rubies, but not all rubies produced may reach the gemstone level, and rubies that can reach the gemstone level are also very rare. Therefore, the price range of Burmese rubies is also very large, and it is still necessary to make specific judgments based on the specific parameters of Burmese rubies.

High quality Burmese rubies have high intensity fluorescence that is difficult to achieve in other regions, and are very beautiful under any light. They often exhibit a flowing effect due to uneven internal color distribution, which is full of vitality. This is also why the price of Burmese rubies is higher than that of other gemstones. At auctions, the auction records of rubies are often refreshed by high-quality Burmese rubies, The high value of high-quality Burmese rubies can be seen.

In recent years, with the significant decline in the production of rubies in Myanmar, prices have also greatly increased, especially after most of the ruby mining areas in Myanmar were closed, the price of rubies in Myanmar has further increased.
The price of low-quality Burmese rubies is not very high, but compared to rubies from other regions of the same quality, due to the rarity of the region, the price will also be higher, which is inevitable.
Every producing area produces high-quality and low-quality rubies, and low-quality rubies often account for the majority. Therefore, there are significant differences in the price of rubies from the same producing area, which is inevitable.
So it is difficult to estimate the price of rubies only with one parameter, the more detailed the parameters, the more accurate the results can be.

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