Why is wbgem’s emerald garnet favored by top collectors worldwide

Why is wbgem’s emerald garnet favored by top collectors worldwide

Delphinite is a kind of calcium iron garnet in garnet. When it comes to garnet, girls may think that it is the same as green garnet Shafule. Don’t confuse it with Shafule (chrome vanadium calcium aluminum garnet). Although they are both green garnet, their status and price can be completely different. Emerald garnet, like emerald, is colored by chromium, so why is it loved by top collectors

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  2. The first is appearance. In the gemstone industry, appearance is very important for a gemstone, which is why Palaiba’s value has gone up and down. The most eye-catching thing about emerald garnet is that its dispersion value is as high as 0.057, surpassing the diamond dispersion (0.044), making it the world’s most shining gemstone. High quality emerald garnet has a very beautiful color of emerald. Simply put, high-quality emerald garnet is a combination of diamonds and emerald, so can you say it’s not beautiful
  3. The second reason is that its production is particularly low, and its particles are not large. Anything over 1 calorie is very rare. The first discovery of emerald garnet was in the Ural Mountains of Russia, and later in Africa, some emerald garnet was also found in Namibia. However, compared to the quality of Ural Mountain emerald garnet in Russia, it is not as high as the Ural Mountains. Therefore, when it comes to emerald garnet, everyone only talks about Ural Mountain emerald garnet
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  2. The third emerald garnet has unique inclusions. When it comes to gemstones with inclusions, everyone would think that gemstones with inclusions are definitely cheaper than gemstones without inclusions. This is indeed the case with other gemstones, except for emerald garnet, which has a unique horsetail like inclusion and is known as the most expensive inclusion in the world. This type of inclusion is highly recognizable and sometimes distributed in a fireworks like manner, making it very beautiful, Having this horsetail like inclusion is more expensive than not having it. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to other gemstones, the opposite is true. Inclusions are cheaper
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